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Chez Nous Coffee Shop

Our brand new coffee shop has opened in the fall of 2021. We offer Espresso drinks such as Cappuccino and Latte, Chai, Macha Tea, and more. We have a large pastry and desserts selection - and what an exquisite selection it is! You gotta try it to believe it. We also offer prepared foods such as Avocado Toast, Ham&Cheese Croissant, Lox Bagel, Spinach Sous Vide Eggs, and more. There's also a sizeable selection of the finest Italian Chocolate confections, jams, and other sweets. And on the weekends, come try our sweet crêpes!

But for us, this isn’t just brewing amazing coffee or serving the best desserts. We'd like to give our patrons the most welcoming environment and experience we can! Would you like to leaf through a book while sipping your drink? Would you like to hear live piano music while looking out the window? How about meeting your friends for a little get-together in a comfortable and beautiful room?

We have a feeling you might just like Chez Nous for these and many other reasons!

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